Better Booch

Better Booch was born to create a local alternative for Kombucha connoisseurs who preferred the small batch approach. From the first day selling at Farmers Markets, Better Booch was a hit and quickly grew into one of the most prominent Kombucha breweries in Southern California.

Majestic Garlic

Our mission is to bring the best quality and tasteful Mediterranean dips forward to every home. Made with top quality ingredients: produced in the safest environment, and accompanied by excellent customer service. We guarantee nothing but the best for our valued customers. We take to heart that our customers know best and use it to exceed any expectations. Top quality, exceptional taste, excellent customer service, this is Majestic Garlic Inc.

GT's Living Foods

At GT’s Living Foods, we believe that food can be your medicine or your poison. That’s why we’re dedicated to handcrafting products that are 100% raw, organic, and rich with living probiotics. It is our purpose is to bring Beautiful Living Things together, helping people live happier, healthier lives.  Welcome the newest members of our GT’s family! Each kefir product is handcrafted with raw, young Thai coconuts and thoughtfully cultured with billions of living probiotics to promote proper digestion.

Daytrip Sparkling CBD

Firmly rooted in California culture, Daytrip® taps into that feeling we all crave, spontaneity. It’s about getting away from the grind and sharing good times and good vibes whether you’re at the beach, on the slopes, or simply in your own back yard. 

We craft natural, premium CBD beverages that delight the senses and open the mind to new possibilities. 


Pop and Bottle

Pure, Organic & Plant-rich. Every Pop & Bottle is made from a short list of pure, 100% organic, plant-based ingredients you can feel great about. No thickeners or emulsifiers (such as carrageenan). No added sugars or refined sweeteners. No chemicals or mysterious plant derivatives. Just a high concentration of organic almonds: up to 5 times more than conventional brands.

C20 Coconut Water

Not all coconut waters are created equal. C20 has taken extra care to select and pack what we believe to be the best tasting coconut water in the world. 

Our 100% Pure C20 is from young green coconuts from an especially fragrant and tasty variety that are unique to the inland soils of Thailand. These coconuts are a fresh water varietal that yield a more delightful taste. Enjoy! 

Later Days Coffee Company

Smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors. Originating in Redondo Beach, CA, we offer a strong RTD cold brew coffee made from sustainably-farmed, single-origin Nicaraguan beans. We are proudly non-GMO, dairy-free, kosher, and vegan.

Udder Free Only - MYLK

Our Mission -To provide everyone with a healthy plant-based alternative to dairy. By consuming more plant-based foods, we reduce our environmental footprint and lead healthier lives.
Let’s take this one small step together and make a giant leap for humankind.

Whalebird Kombucha

We make the best tasting kombucha with organic and ethically sourced ingredients and set a new standard for how emerging companies can prioritize global health over profit.

We are exploring methods to advance the health and wellness of our team, community, and environment.

Brew Dr Kombucha

Each batch of Brew Dr. Kombucha we make is crafted from the beginning. We start with the same loose-leaf organic teas we serve in our Townshend’s Teahouses. Then we blend in organic herbs, fruits or other botanicals. Our tea-first approach ensures we make authentic, organic, 100% raw kombucha. We take our time to do things right and believe our “no shortcuts” approach is always worth the effort.


Seaworth - Cold Brew Coffee

Seaworth Coffee is inspired by a common love of the sea and a somewhat uncommon love of handcrafted cold-brewed coffee. Though gaining popularity on the East Coast and the Pacific North West, they couldn't find decent cold-brew in Southern California.  So they set out on a mission: to create a delicious, top-quality cold brew coffee that would reflect the beautiful sunshine and good-spirit of the Golden State.  Through a relentless process of experimenting with different beans, roasting methods and brewing methods, they did it.  

Solti Juice 

Sol-ti is built on a passion for healthy living and sustainability. We are committed to helping individuals shine through liquids of vitality while also protecting our planet with the use of sustainable glass packaging. Each beverage is an alchemy of fresh ingredients with very real benefits for your well-being: energy, positivity and health. We use only the highest quality organic produce, superfoods, herbs and tea - raw, vegan and full of vitality!   


On-the-go post workout? Looking for a quick snack to get you to your next meal? We designed Après from the ground up to give back to your body with clean, plant-based ingredients.  

La Panza Ranch

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is processed from olives grown, harvested and milled right here on La Panza Ranch.  Olives are brought to our state-of-the-art Alfa Laval mill within hours of being harvested which guarantees the freshest olive oil you have ever tasted.  We are proud to say we are estate grown and produced with exceptional quality control from orchard to bottle

MediDate Coffee
A staple libation in Mediterranean tradition, date seed coffee was known to nourish both body and mind, calming and cleansing the body, while naturally boosting energy levels. 

At MediDate Coffee we are harnessing these age-old concepts and incorporating them into the modern world, where achieving optimal health and wellness has become increasingly more challenging, yet has never been more essential as a means of keeping on top of our busy lives.

Good Use Juice

Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, Good Use started with a simple idea. Make great tasting, healthy cold-pressed juice with a mission to do good. We work with farmers across the west coast to take their unloved, discolored, oddly-sized, and surplus produce that would otherwise go to waste. Our team comes from all over the world, and together we're working to create a sustainable, fun, and delicious juice company that puts a squeeze on food waste.

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins helps people feel better and live fuller lives through sustainably-sourced nutrition products, promoting health, fitness and natural beauty. We do that by providing nourishing collagen and promoting our production of collagen - an essential nutrient stripped from our diets by modern food-processing.

Modern Times Cold Brew

​This killer cold brew combines a blueberry-forward naturally processed Ethiopia with chocolate brownie lusciousness of a Sumatra. It’s a new school spin on an old school mocha java blend, and the results will absolutely blow your nips off. This brave new flavor experience is brought to you by Modern Times, a totally radical coffee roaster & craft brewer.  


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Minna - Sparkling Tea
Intentionally brewed to be light, Minna makes the good stuff without all the… well… not so good stuff. It’s actually easier this way. Using only organic and non-gmo ingredients, with no sugars or added sweeteners, you can feel good about what we’re brewing. Refreshing, right?

Cloud Water

Natural Sparkling Hemp Beverage. Here at Cloud Water, we've made it our mission to empower people to take wellness into their own hands by providing simple, accessible, all-natural products to address physical and mental health needs.



REBBL is about life-changing super herbs. Every bottle is a celebration of traditional wisdoms refined over millennia to deliver you purity, potency, happiness & longevity.  Each Elixir brings together nature's most powerful herbs in wonderfully indulgent and nourishing coconut-milk, blended with ethically sourced, organic ingredients.

Nomad Chocolate

Nohmad Snack Co was created out of an obsession to make the foods we love healthier, guilt-free and indulgently delicious. Our raw, dark organic chocolate bars are made in small batches, using the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients we can find. “Raw” means our cacao beans are never roasted, retaining every ounce of wholesome goodness and bold, complex flavor throughout the chocolate making process – from bean to bar.   

Sun Noodles
Sun Noodle was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii by Hidehito Uki, a second-generation noodle maker from Japan. Today, we’re a family-run business that custom-creates more than 600 types of fresh noodles for premier ramen shops, restaurants and grocery stores in North America, South America and Europe. Creating noodles with the perfect thickness, texture, flavor, aroma and slurp factor is a craft that we honor every day. We work one-on-one with our restaurant partners to make custom noodles that meet their needs. 

Recess Sparkling CBD

​We canned a feeling. Not tired, not wired. Recess is a sparkling

water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens for balance and clarity.

Humm Kombucha

We blend organic green and black teas to make Humm Kombucha, reaping the benefits of both varieties. The teas’ tannins affect the flavor and the performance of the SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). We sweeten the blend with organic fair trade cane sugar, which works with the SCOBY to create fermentation. The result is a fermented tea full of organic acids, B-vitamins and good bacteria.

Groundwork Coffee 

We had a humble goal to source and share with our local community the very best organic coffee we could find, but demand grew quickly, and we started roasting coffee 24/7 out of our tiny café on Rose Avenue to keep up.

Now, nearly 30 years later — thanks to the neighbors and friends we’ve been fortunate enough to serve — we have new cafés opening all along the West Coast, a growing line of cold brew coffees, and two very busy roasteries, in Los Angeles and Portland.

Lucky Habanero Salsa

If you happen to be a salsa connoisseur, you will agree that it is very difficult to find delicious authentic salsas at your local grocery store. A salsa that is freshly made, with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, and no vinegar to interfere with the natural flavors of the chilies, and veggies! Several years ago, my best friend's Dad, Albert Castillo, taught me how to make salsa! He comes from years of experience so nothing was measured…only “handfuls” of this…and about “this much” of that, was how I learned!

Pitaya Plus 

Pitaya Plus strives to make the healthiest products possible through minimal processing and organic sustainable farming while directly supporting the communities we source from. These Pitaya / Dragon Fruit smoothie packs have powerful vitamins and minerals like Fiber, Magnesium, Antioxidants, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Protein, and many more. Adding Pitaya to a well balanced diet helps support digestion, strengthens the immune system, and increases energy. 

Lucky Jack Cold Brew 

Organic cold brew coffee made with purified water, 100% organic Arabica beans, all organic ingredients.*
We’ve discovered the method for infusing nitrogen in our coffees making Lucky Jack the very first bottled cold brew coffee to pour with a head of foamy and silky smooth nitrogen bubbles.
The term “organic” is popping up more and more these days. But what does “organic” really mean? For coffee beans “organic” means the beans are grown and processed without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. This is significant when you consider that coffee is one of the three most chemically treated agricultural crops in the world.

Forager Project

This belief is the core of everything Forager does. Choosing ingredients for quality, flavor and nutrition means we deliver products that are nutrient dense, low in sugar and delicious.

Forager products are convenient, 100% organic, cold‑pressed and perfectly protected using HPP technology which makes them an ideal fast slow food.

Koia - Plant Based Nutrition 

We make our 100% plant protein drinks naturally craveable by creating delicious flavors. We keep in things you recognize, like almonds, pea, and brown rice and keep out things you don’t want, like excess sugar, artificial ingredients and GMO’s.  All Koia flavors deliver nine essential amino acids, which means you get a complete plant protein in every bottle.  And Koia is ready to drink with no mixing, stirring or shaking – plant powered nutrition on the go!

Vive Organic 

For decades, we’ve depended on capsules, powders and droppers to obtain the concentrated ingredients that we know to be beneficial, like Echinacea. Such methods require ingredients to be processed, dried or stored for long periods of time, stripping them of much nutritional value. Wellness Shots deliver ingredients in the closest possible form to the living plants they originated from. By Cold-Pressing ingredients, we deliver the freshest and most pure forms of natural wellness in one delicious single serving.

Elemental Superfood Bar  

At Elemental Superfood we believe that you are what you eat, that is why we provide the highest quality, best tasting nutritional products on the market. An intelligent choice; our products are organic, raw, gluten free and dairy free. High in omega-3s and omega-6s, fiber and protein, with no genetically modified organisms. Elemental Superfood is fuel that the body can use as a pick-me-up, snack or meal replacement for people of all ages who are active, on the go or simply want something naturally delicious.

Spero Foods
People want plant-based dairy. But, today, plant-based dairy is prohibitively expensive due to the use of nuts as the primary ingredient. I created Spero Foods because I wanted everyone to be able to eat clean dairy alternatives that actually taste good. At Spero, we make dairy from seeds. 

Lumen Elixers

We searched for clean, simple solutions to finding health through hemp that didn't involve pills, tinctures, or oils. The answer: juicing it.By cold-pressing hemp, we are able to deliver the plant as close to its purest living form possible. No extra processing, chemical solvents, drying. Just pure hemp juice combined with potent superfoods and adaptogens to keep your body & mind feeling great.

Cindys Kitchen

It is our passion to pursue excellence and to create, manufacture and deliver clean, innovative, and delicious products to the marketplace for all to share and enjoy with their friends and family.

We establish and sustain relationships with partners and purveyors who share the same uncompromising standards that we uphold so our customers can be sure that when they bring home a Cindy's Kitchen product they are bringing home the absolute best.

Cave Shake

We invented CAVE SHAKES because we needed them!  When we started a nutritional keto diet, we were required to eat tons of good fats and keep our carb count low.  We were feeling great, losing weight rapidly, but still felt like we needed a dessert that wouldn't throw us off our game. CAVE SHAKES were born!  Creamy and delicious, these tubular treats quickly became our dessert for every meal.  CAVE SHAKES are loaded with MCTs and amazing macros to power you through your day.  They are Keto, Paleo, Vegan, low carb, gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added, use no more than 6 ingredients, and are diabetic-friendly.

Remedy Organics
Our Founder, Cindy Kasindorf is a Nutritional Health Counselor with a lifelong passion for Health & Wellness. Cindy started a juice cleanse company that began in her kitchen and saw life-changing results from those who followed her impactful detox program.  As the company grew, Cindy saw that there was the potential to change lives through the food and beverages that we consume. Cindy decided to create Remedy Organics to have a broader impact and focus on functional nutrition using only the finest plant-based ingredients.


MUSH bridges technology, creativity, and honesty to solve an issue that plagues the food industry. Most food products are either unhealthy or inaccessible to Millennials. Oatmeal is no exception. Instant oatmeal is simple to prep but has a high glycemic index, low fiber content, and almost always includes added sugars or artificial flavors. On the other end of the spectrum, old-fashioned oatmeal has a lower glycemic index and great source of fiber, but the prep and clean up time makes it a chore. MUSH eliminates the trade-off between healthy eating and convenience eating. 

Urban Remedy 

Our founder, Neka Pasquale, didn’t set out to create Urban Remedy–it was a natural evolution of her passion for health and healing and living a lifestyle with “food is healing” as her mantra. Growing up in the farm-to-table culture of Northern California, Neka was inspired by people who care about what they eat and who strive to eat for health as well as pleasure. Neka started leading wellness retreats with her patients and over and over again they described experiencing life-changing results after just a few days. Inspired by these transformations, Neka knew she had found her calling and in 2009, Urban Remedy was born.TheBu is organic, raw, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan and contains no added fruit juice.

Lemon Perfect

Drink More Lemons - Superfruit hydration is more convenient and blissful than ever. Sustainably-farmed and hand-picked in sunny Southern California, our organic lemons boost a body in motion.


Malibu Milk

 We are an allergen free flax mylk. Think MILK but without the dairy. It is also free of gluten, nuts and soy. At malibu mylk we are all about simple, clean ingredients that taste great and that are good for our bodies and our environment. Our mindful mylk is sustainable, which means it is good for Mother Earth 

Genius Juice 

At Genius Juice we use both the coconut meat and the water to create our smoothies. Here are three reasons why we believe the combination of the meat and water create a superior product.

Brassica and Brine

Brassica and Brine is a craft food business based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in organic, traditional, wild-fermented foods.
Our mission is to make delicious foods that encourage vibrant health in those who eat them. Beyond that, we’re dedicated to increasing public awareness of these nourishing foods and playing an educational role in our local California foodshed.

Kaleidoscope Juice

​Our Mission: To Nourish everyone who comes in contact with Kaleidoscope Juice with our cold pressed juice and high vibe foods so that we can live happy and purpose-filled lives.


Hubble (the healthy bubble) The first Sparkling Cold Pressed Juice. Zero added sugars. Fresh, Functional, Fizzy.